Month: September 2010

This is unique and I don’t know of any other

Saturday.”This is unique and I don’t know of any other law enforcement agency doing this,” said Yvonne Martinez, spokeswoman for the Cocoa Police Department.”We have a lot of donated items, including clothing, shoes, housewares. It’s more of a boutique than anything.”There are also stuffed animals and even a display of sunglasses for sale. Some of the more unusual items included a Brookstone CD player that was once listed at $900 that sold for $25 or the 20 pairs of Nike tennis shoes that were virtually new and still in the box.

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cheap oakleys Gross, I know, but dead fleas are much more desirable than living ones. Even with flea regiments out there, bathing is still a great way to kill the vast majority of adult fleas living on your cat’s body. A bath should be a priority at this point. And some of the work will take place outside the harbor itself. The letter from Whitman and Brown says the EPA and DEQ are committed to “developing a comprehensive strategy for identifying and addressing additional sources of toxins within the Willamette River watershed, upstream of the Harbor. This approach is intended to build upon existing, ongoing efforts to achieve broader environmental improvements beyond the scope of actions specified in the ROD.” cheap oakleys.